The Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics is the bimonthly journal of the Southeast Asian Mathematical Society. Also known as the SEAMS Bulletin, the journal is now on its 40th volume and continues to publish research papers in all areas of mathematics with the primary aim of disseminating original research from mathematicians in Southeast Asia to both the regional and international scientific community. The SEAMS Bulletin is also co-sponsored by the South China Normal University, Yunnan University and UNESCO. Its editor-in-chief is Prof Sum Kar Ping of the University of Hong Kong.


The SEAMS Bulletin was ranked in Category B by the Australian Mathematical Society Journal ranking, along with journals like Acta Arithmetica, Communications in Algebra, and Journal de Theories des Nombres de Bordeaux and Discrete Mathematics.

The complete 2009 AustMS Journal Ranking

The SEAMS Bulletin is listed on page 13 of this 57-page document. 

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