Workshop on Modern Trends in Mathematical Crystallography

20-24 May 2017

Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City Philippines


This workshop will introduce participants to current topics and new directions in mathematical crystallography and its applications. New trends on the group- and graph-theoretic as well as topological aspects of mathematical crystallography will be discussed. Topics on discrete models of crystals, from periodic to aperiodic, and highly ordered structures will also be presented, including the study of domain structures, applications of graph theory to crystal structure analysis, substitution tilings, tilings and their dynamical properties, coincident site lattices, polyhedra, nets and complexes, and cluster models of aperiodic structures.



There is a CALL  for POSTER presentations and GRANT APPLICATIONS for young scientists.


First announcement (January 5th, 2017): : click here

Second announcement (March 2, 2017): : click here

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