This school will contain 5 courses of Complex Analysis and Complex Geometry. The courses will be presented by French, Japanese and Vietnamese mathematicians in these domains. The courses are addressed to advanced undergraduate students, graduate students and young researchers from South East Asian countries. The first aim of this school is to provide students with some interested topics of Complex Analysis and Complex Geometry. Another important aim of this school is to create an opportunity for discussions among mathematicians in these domains.

  • Course 1: Foundation of analytic methods in algebraic geometry (Speaker: Shin-ichi Matsumura)
  • Course 2: Introduction to Kähler Geometry (Speaker: Lu Hoang Chinh)
  • Course 3: An introduction to Pluripotential Theory (Speaker: Ahmed Zeriahi and Do Hoang Son)
  • Course 4: Invariant metrics on non compact Complex manifolds and applications (Speaker: Hervé Gaussier)
  • Course 5: Introduction to Nevanlinna theory and its relation with Diophantine approximation (Speaker: Le Giang)

Dates :  05/4/2017-16/4/2017

Place :  Hanoi Institute of Mathematic, VAST, Vietnam

Organizers: Ta Thi Hoai An, Le Giang, Phung Ho Hai, Pham Hoang Hiep (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Do Hoang Son

 Official website:

 Poster (Download)

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