CIMPA-UNESCO-MICINN-Thailand Research School on Spectral Triples and their Applications, 15-28 May 2011, Bangkok, Thailand.

The main aim of the school is to offer to the audience a broad introduction to the metric aspects of non-commutative geometry with a more specific focus on spectral geometry in the language of A.Connes’ spectral triples, their several variants (in quantum groups and in modular theory) and their important applications in mathematics (spin geometry, index theory, number theory) and physics (quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, quantum gravity).

The main goal of the research school, apart from the training of local researchers/students in the abovementioned topics and the establishment of strong regional research collaborations, is to help avoid the isolation from the international research community providing up to date courses on some the main current topics of interests in non-commutative geometry and a basis for future collaboration with colleagues, students and researchers from Europe/Australia/America/Asia.

In the South East Asia region (apart from the local organizers) there are already a few small research groups and individuals that are active/interested in the broad field of operator algebras and non-commutative geometry;

Deadline for registration: 20 March 2011

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