AMC 2013 to be held in Busan, Korea

The AMC (Asian Mathematical Conference) 2013 will be held in Busan, Korea. The AMC series is a major SEAMS (South East Asian Mathematical Society) conference, held every 4-5 years and hosted by countries in Asia. The first AMC was held in Hong Kong (1990), the second in Thailand (1995), the third in the Philippines (2000), the fourth in Singapore (2005), and the latest was Malaysia (2009).
Encouraged by several SEAMS Council members, the KMS board decided to make a bid to host 2013 AMC in Busan. Prof. Rosihan M. Ali (President of the SEAMS) invited the Korean delegation to the SEAMS Council Meeting which was held at June 22th, 2009 in Kuala Lumpur during the AMC 2009. The four-member KMS delegation consisting of Prof. Dohan Kim (President of the KMS), Prof. Hyungju Park (Chair of the KMS Int¡¯l Exchanges Committee), Prof. Seok-Jin Kang (Member of the KMS Int¡¯l Exchanges Committee) and Prof. Dosang Joe (Secretary General of the KMS), attended the meeting with Professor Hyungju Park delivering a bidding presentation to host AMC 2013. The SEAMS Council members voted for Busan as host city of AMC2013  at the meeting.

One of the most important factors to consider during the preparation process for AMC 2013 is the ICM (International Congress of Mathematicians), the world's largest math conference. Since Seoul has been recommended to host the ICM in 2014, hosting AMC 2013 is expected to help the KMS to assess the effectiveness and adequacy of its preparation for ICM 2014. It will also have a positive impact on Asian math community to expand its activities to the scale of the ECM (European Congress of Mathematics).

(from the homepage of the Korean Mathematical Society)