The SEAMS School on Computational Commutative Algebra (COCOA) will be held in Hue, Vietnam, March 19 - 25, 2023.  

This school consists of four series of lectures on contemporary research topics in Computer Algebra and Computational Commutative Algebra. The lecturers are given by Prof. Martin Kreuzer (University of Passau, Germany), Prof. Lorenzo Robbiano (University of Genoa, Italy), Prof. Jurgen Herzog (University of Duisburg–Essen, Germany), Prof. Takayuki Hibi (Osaka University, Japan). 
There are accompanying tutorials on the use of COCOA, a computer algebra system, which specializes in handling ideals and modules over rings of multivariate polynomials. 
There is no registration fee. For young participants from from South East Asia, we offer grants to cover travel and accommodation expenses for mathematicians under 38 from South East Asia.

Deadline for registration and financial support: February 12, 2023.
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