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The Second Southeast Asian Women Mathematicians Meeting (SEAWM2) will be held on the 10 July 2021. It will be organized online by the Southeast Asian Mathematical Society (SEAMS) in collaboration with the Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS), Department of Mathematics Universitas Padjadjaran, and Department of Mathematics Universitas Indonesia. The Second SEAWM2 is funded by the Committee Women in Mathematics International Mathematical Union (CWM IMU).


In the beginning, the Second SEAWM2 was planned to be organized in line with the Asian Mathematical Conference in Vietnam 2020 (AMC 2020). Unfortunately, the AMC 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic Covid-19. The committee of the Second SEAWM2 decided to postpone the schedule to be 10 July 2021.


The second SEAWM2 is a continuation of the first SEAWM in Yogyakarta in the year 2019 in line with SEAMS-UGM International Conference and related with the Asian Women Mathematicians Forum in Bali Indonesia in the year 2016. The Second SEAWM2 2021 meeting’s objective is to establish a network of women mathematicians in Southeast Asia. The first agenda addresses issues regarding opportunities, challenges, and involvement of women in mathematics. The forum also shares best practices as well as research experiences done by women mathematicians in Southeast Asia from both developed and developing countries. The second agenda is the discussion of whether it is needed or not needed to establish a Formation of the Society of Southeast Asian Women Mathematicians (SSEAWM).


For that purpose, we wish to invite the representatives of ASEAN countries to join the meeting and share their experiences and information regarding the career achievements of the women mathematicians in their respective countries. In order to accomplish such a successful meeting, leading women mathematicians will be invited to share their views regarding matters.


We send the example of curriculum vitae in word and pdf files for each field in Mathematics topic: Actuarial Science, Algebra, Analysis & Geometry, Biomathematics, Ethnomathematics, Graph & Combinatorics, Mathematics Education, Optimization & Control, Statistics & Data Science, and other.  The criteria of leading women mathematicians in each field at each country in ASEAN can be determined by the mathematical society in each country, but at least we have the same criteria:

  • The women mathematicians who have a good achievement in academic, productive in research and/or community services in her field.


with additional criteria as follows:


  • She has a publication at international journal indexed by Scopus or Web of Sciences, and she has a Scopus index at least h = 3 and/or,
  • She published a book in her field and/or,
  • She has a copyright/patent in her field.


Hence, with great honor, we would like the representative countries to collect the name of data of leading women mathematicians in each field in each country and submit it to Professor Budi Nurani Ruchjana by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on 30 May 2021 for the preliminary database,

Furthermore, each representative women chosen by mathematical society in each country should fill in the google form for a collection CV through the following link:

and send the CV in word and pdf with a photograph directly to Professor Budi Nurani Ruchjana  by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  until the 15 June, 2021.


Finally, please distribute the google form for registration as a participant to all of your member mathematicians, both female and male, to participate in the Second SEAWM2 through the following link: until the 30 June 2021.



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Attached documents:


  1. Letter SEAMWM2
  2. Tentative Program
  3. CV-example-pdf
  4. CV-example-doc
  5. CV-template-doc




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